It is our goal to help you find answers, give you hope and determine the best treatment options for you and your loved ones.  At GammaWest Cancer Services, we take cancer very personally.

At GammaWest, we specialize in breast and prostate cancer treatments, but treat all types of tumors.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and have highly specialized, board certified physicians who will work with you to plan a treatment; specialized for your individual needs.

It is for this reason that we not only have high success rates resulting from our treatments, but between our staff and patients, there is a tremendous amount of goodwill as a result of this personalized care.  Ask any of our patients! 

We have clinics throughout the Intermountain West and pride ourselves on our ability to see new patients for consultation in less than a week. Our physicians also make themselves available to you at any time you have a question or concern.

This is why at GammaWest "We Take Cancer Personally."

for Breast

Breast brachytherapy  takes radiation directly to the tumor cavity.  It is optimal for conserving breast tissue and helping to ensure better cosmetic results.

Other Treatments

Brachytherapy radiates the tumor from the inside out, killing off the bad tissue while preserving as much surrounding healthy tissue as possible.

For Prostate

Uses CT guided image during each treatment and has the ability for 360* rotation which allows for optimal treatment of the tumor while preserving healthy tissue.  Can be used for multiple sites at one time.


HyperThermia has been proven to sensitize tumor cells to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as enhance anti-tumor immune response.


Taking care of your health

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Meet our Board Certified Radiation Oncologists, specializing in Tomotherapy-External Beam, BrachyTherapy, and HyperThermia treatments.

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