Treatment for Skin Cancer

GammaWest Cancer Services is pleased to announce the addition of the Topex SRT 100, the latest radiation therapy technology for the treatment of skin cancers.

Superficial x-ray therapy is less invasive than surgery and produces superior cosmetic results.

GammaWest is an important resource in the treatment of your skin cancer.

Topex SRT 100

Our Topex SRT 100 System located in Salt Lake City provides a proven skin cancer treatment alternative to surgery, especially for skin lesions in the cosmetically sensitive head and neck regions, particularly around the eyes, ears and nose. There is no need for skin grafting or the use of anesthetics and cosmetic results are highly rated. The skin cancer treatment procedure is painless and quite simple, only requiring a short visit each time to administer over the course of treatment. As a proven procedure, Medicare Part B and most insurance carriers readily accept this skin cancer treatment option.

Benefits of the Topex SRT 100

  • Dedicated Skin Cancer Treatment

  • Highly Rated Cosmetic Results

  • Alternative to Surgery

  • No Skin Grafting

  • No Anesthetics

  • Painless Procedure

  • Insurance Carrier Acceptance

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