BrachyTherapy is a word derived from the greek language which means "close to."   With this type of therapy, small, hollow needles are placed into the tumor bed during a short surgical procedure.  Then the physician and medical physicist work together to determine a treatment plan specifically tailored to your direct needs.  

Usually two treatments are given the same day, with a few hours in between each one.


The needles are then removed and the patient can usually return home the same day.


TomoTherapy technology is unique and precise in its delivery of radiation treatments. Similar to having a CT or MRI Scan, a patient receiving TomoTherapy is placed into the circular gantry and the radiation is delivered in 360 degree rotations.  This circular treatment pattern allows for precise targeting of the tumor from every angle while optimally preserving normal tissue. 

This therapy was developed by Medical Physicist, Rock Mackie, at the University of Wisconsin, USA, GammaWest Cancer Services physician's proudly offers this state of the art treatment and utilize 5 TomoTherapy machines in our clinics.  GammaWest provides the only radiation therapy clinics to offer TomoTherapy treatments in the Intermountain West.


During PYREXAR HT treatment, the cancerous tumor is gently warmed to 40-45˚C (104-113˚F) destroying malignant cells while preserving normal tissues. This is because higher temperatures selectively damage cells that are hypoxic and have a low pH, a condition of cancer cells that is not present in normal cells.

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