What You Should Know about Cancer

The more information you gain
The more peace of mind you will have.


A vast majority of Cancer patients are cured and enjoy an excellent quality of life after treatment.

Keep Calm, Don’t Panic, and Ask Questions

What are chances of success?
What options do I have if this treatment isn’t successful?
What are possible side effects?
What are the risk of side effects?
How do the risks or side effects compare with alternative treatments?
What is the typical time of recovery?
What about pain?
How much time will I spend in the hospital?
How often are the treatments?
What about travel?
How much will it cost?
Will insurance cover the procedure?
What were the clinical trial results?

Pyramid of Care (1)

Pyramid of Care
Called the pyramid of care, the three primary treatment methods used to treat cancer are: Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiation therapy.

Gamma West is a premier provider of advanced radiation therapy techniques.

  • 80% of all cancers are treated with radiation therapy.