Why Gamma West

Gamma West’s Cancer Services team in Salt Lake City is lead by Dr. John K. Hayes Jr., M.S., M.D. Dr. Hayes has over 20 years of experience in Brachytherapy techniques and was one of the first physicians in the Intermountain West to specialize in this advanced technology utilizing radiation as a very powerful anti-cancer tool. Dr. Hayes is supported by an outstanding team of radiation oncologists, nurses, therapists, medical physicists, dosimetrists, administrative, and support staff.

Gamma West Cancer Services combines Brachytherapy with the latest advances and treatments in external beam radiation therapy, including TomoTherapy. TomoTherapy is the most advanced technology of its kind fusing image-guided radiation therapy with intensity-modulated radiation therapy. Gamma West works collaboratively with all physician cancer specialists to find the right combination of cancer service and treatment options to give our patients the best possible chance for cure. Although there are multiple methods used to treat cancer, the three primary cancer treatment modalities are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. See Cancer Treatment Options for more information. Gamma West Cancer Services is a premier provider of advanced radiation therapy techniques. 80% of all cancers are treated with radiation therapy.