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William B. – Columbia, SC

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April and thoroughly researched my options before settling on High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy and received treatment in June and received a 98% chance of non recurrence for 10 years. The physicians were exceptional and Dr. Hayes oversaw my complete treatment. I had my first treatment on June 15 two more on June 16th. I waited a week and had the same treatments on June 22 and 23. I went home and within a week I was almost back to normal. I played competitive racquetball after two weeks. As of this date, August 9th, I have absolutely no urinary problems and our sex life is back to normal or better. Best of health to you all.

Beverly W. – Orem, UT

I want the world to know how happy I am with Gamma West and their physicians, Dr. Leland Rogers and Dr. John Hayes. I went into them with two Angio Sarcoma tumors about the size of a nickel, a half inch apart on my left chest. They looked like frog eyes. After one week of radiation the cancer tumors had started to shrink and were about a third smaller. After two weeks, they were half dried up. With the compassion of Dr. Rogers and Dr. Hayes, I am almost well. The team that works with them are wonderful, kind and thoughtful and have done everything possible to make me feel comfortable and unafraid of the treatment. To me they are all like angels.

Randall K. – Shelley, ID

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hayes and the entire staff at Gamma West. I selected them three years ago to provide my (prostate cancer) treatment and I would make the same decision today. Everyone there has been exceptional!

William T. – Cedar City, UT

The only way to go. Everyone went the extra mile.

Mike M. – Murray, UT

I wouldn’t consider any other type of treatment (brachytherapy) if the cancer is caught early enough. Everything that I know of was considered and in place at the time of my treatment.

William T. – Syracuse, UT

Brachytherapy is the only way to go. For me it was effective and reasonably uncomfortable. It went as was explained with no surprises. I feel this is the only way to treat the cancer I had. I was impressed with the ease with which this treatment was done. The knowledge and skill were very evident. It cleared up my cancer better than I expected. The discomfort was minor. I highly recommend this form of treatment.

Edward S. – Cedar City, UT

I would advise anyone to research the options available to them and make an informed decision. I personally think this treatment is the best way to go. The staff at Gamma West were great and very professional.

Ralph J. – Idaho Falls, ID

We were very pleased with the treatment Ralph received at Gamma West. We thought the doctors were outstanding and very sensitive to our concerns. We do not have any negative feelings. Everything and everyone at Gamma West was and has been courteous and efficient.

Nelson R. – Ogden, UT

HDR is probably the best option of treatment for early detection of cancer in the prostate. Few side effects and a relatively short recovery period. Outstanding team at Gamma West. All were very professional and excellent at their jobs.

James M. – Provo, UT

Since my first visit with you in October, I felt confident that under your leadership and supervision, Gamma West would provide me with the best alternative available to combat my prostate cancer. Now that the treatments are complete, I know full well that I made the right choice.What I personally observed throughout my association with Gamma West was a first class operation administered by an extremely dedicated staff. Right from the outset, I was impressed by the friendly but professional attitude of every member of your organization.Your team approach covered all the bases. I was told absolutely everything I needed to know at each phase of my treatment. I was told where to be, when to be there, what to expect, what medications to use – even how I would feel during and subsequent to the implants. You can take a great deal of pride in the dedication of your people and the quality of work they perform in their various functions. They made me feel calm and comfortable during a very stressful time. Please extend my personal appreciation to all who assisted me at a very critical time in my life.

Mike F. – Bountiful, UT

Relatively painless. The staff were experienced and extremely helpful. Felt like I was their only patient – much attention given and any and all questions answered. Highly recommend to anyone requiring this procedure.

Jim P. – Woodland Hills, UT

I was impressed with the staff at Gamma West. They made for a pleasant (given the circumstances) experience.